“Safety is our destination. The Below 100 Campaign is the vehicle taking us there.”

— Paul Capaitelli, Executive Director of California POST (ret.)


“The Below 100 initiative is changing our thinking, which is changing our behaviors and making possible a drastic reduction in the needless loss of peace officers’ lives.”

— Dick Clark, Executive director of Nevada POST (ret.)


“My husband is gone forever, but because of Below 100 he is saving lives across this country. I am proud to tell his story.”

— Susan Moody, wife of Officer Bradley Moody, E.O.W. 10-07-2008


“For more than 30 years I have tried to improve officer safety by extolling the virtues of learning from our past mistakes or, more specifically, ‘predictable is preventable’. Below 100 has effectively taken this to a new level with a powerful message that challenges every member of policing to take individual and collective responsibility for their actions. It’s a powerful concept and it’s working. I’m proud to support this program.”

— Gordon Graham


“I am so thankful for this training! My husband is a new police officer and attended this training yesterday and I already see the difference that it has made in his way of thinking. I send my husband to work not knowing for sure that I’ll see him again.  But knowing that he now has the knowledge to help prevent the preventable, it does make me feel better. Thank you so much for making a difference in my husband’s thought process.”

— Amber Garcia, spouse of officer